Fiji Gold Coral and Live Rock Supplement

is 100% natural calcium derived from
seawater and coral reef substrate. No natural
resources utilized in this product are derived
from living coral. This product can be used
effectively to raise calcium, alkalinity and PH
levels in your aquarium.

Fiji Gold Coral and Live Rock Supplement
is beneficial to all organisms especially those
that excrete calcium from their exoskeleton
or utilize calcification as part of their
physiological process. This product will also
rapidly increase the growth of coralline algae
on your live rock.

Fiji Gold Coral and Live Rock Supplement
contains calcium, magnesium and all major
and minor trace minerals in their natural
quantities and molecular structure to benefit
invertebrates and fish. Because the minerals
are in their natural state absolutely no waste
or harmful build up of unused minerals will
accumulate in your aquarium.

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